Sunday, 21 December 2014

Smalltalk Reflections #004: Image Based Development

David and Craig discuss Image Based Development.  Smalltalk is a development environment which runs in an image that can be saved to disk and re-loaded later.  This is different from most mainstream languages these days in which runtimes are built from the ground up by compiling the source code.  In image based systems, you do your development in the image then strip out the development tools to deploy the program.  This episode discusses the pros and cons of this approach.

In this episode we talk about Craig's object memory visualization animations.

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  1. Great episode! There is something for beginners and advanced users. Have you published a list of topics that you plan to cover in future episodes?

    Michael Patrick

    1. We do have a list of episode topics but we're also playing by ear a bit. The next episode will be on Types. Our list is subject to change but there are lots of things to talk about. We're trying to aim for new developers as well as experienced developers. We're happy you're enjoying it.