Monday, 29 December 2014

Smalltalk Reflections #005: Types

Smalltalk is dynamically typed while most mainstream object oriented languages are statically typed.  In this episode, David and Craig define the terms statically typed, dynamically typed and strongly typed and talk about the differences.  They cover the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic typing.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Smalltalk Reflections #004: Image Based Development

David and Craig discuss Image Based Development.  Smalltalk is a development environment which runs in an image that can be saved to disk and re-loaded later.  This is different from most mainstream languages these days in which runtimes are built from the ground up by compiling the source code.  In image based systems, you do your development in the image then strip out the development tools to deploy the program.  This episode discusses the pros and cons of this approach.

In this episode we talk about Craig's object memory visualization animations.

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Smalltalk Reflections #003: Which Smalltalk?

This week, David and Craig discuss "Which Smalltalk?"  Smalltalk isn't just one language from one source.  It has many different dialects including commercial versions and freeware versions.  On this episode, the hosts lead you through the different versions, where they came from and how to get them.

The versions listed in this episode include:
   Cincom Smalltalk (
      including VisualWorks and ObjectStudio

   VA Smalltalk from Instantiations (

   GemStone from GemTalk Systems (

   Squeak (

   Pharo (

   GNU Smalltalk (

   Smalltalk MT from Object Connect (

   Smalltalk/X from eXept Software AG (

   Amber Smalltalk (

   Essence# (

   Context (

   #Smalltalk by The Refactory, Inc. (

   Strongtalk (

   RedLine (

   Dolphin Smalltalk (

   Ambrai Smalltalk

   Visual Smalltalk Enterprise (Smalltalk/V)

   Visual Agents



Sunday, 7 December 2014

Smalltalk Reflections #002: What is Smalltalk?

This week, David and Craig discuss "What is Smalltalk?"  They cover the origins of Smalltalk back in Xerox, properties of the Smalltalk language, influences it's had on modern software development and its use in modern commercial applications.  In this episode, James Savidge returns to podcasting with his Smalltalk Jobs Report.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Smalltalk Reflections Podcast Episode 1 - A Tribute to James Robertson

Whew!  We've done it.  Episode 1 of Smalltalk Reflections is now available online.

Smalltalk Reflections is a weekly podcast discussing the Smalltalk programming language.

We haven't submitted it into iTunes yet, but we're working on that part.

This episode is "A Tribute to James Robertson".