Saturday, 29 November 2014

Smalltalk Reflections Podcast Episode 1 - A Tribute to James Robertson

Whew!  We've done it.  Episode 1 of Smalltalk Reflections is now available online.

Smalltalk Reflections is a weekly podcast discussing the Smalltalk programming language.

We haven't submitted it into iTunes yet, but we're working on that part.

This episode is "A Tribute to James Robertson".


  1. I am really pleased to see you have taken up the mantle and the very best of luck - we in Cincom all look forward to you continuing the tradition that Jim started. The decision to adopt the Cincom Smalltalk brand was one taken by the then management team and in fact the name was suggested by Suzanne Fortman. We needed a coherent brand for our two main Smalltalk technologies that would allow us to market and sell them as a coherent entity. We have found it a very productive brand over the years and one that has allowed much synergy between it's two components ObjectStudio and VisualWorks. The task of getting the word out about the power of Cincom Smalltalk fell to all of us in the Sales and Marketing teams in the Smalltalk group and Jim's podcasts, blog and videos all played an important part over the years. Cincom continued to fund Jim's podcasts after he left Cincom to pursue an independent career as we valued their contribution to the Smalltalk community.

    Jason Ayers

    1. Thanks Jason. We need many voices speaking out about Smalltalk.  It's important for Cincom to continue promoting Smalltalk but it's also important for developers separate from the vendors to support it as well.  This is one step in that direction. 


      David Buck

  2. David and Craig, It is great to hear that you guys are continuing the smalltalk podcast. I have never been able to use smalltalk directly in my job. Nevertheless I found the insights into software development that the original podcast provided extremely useful. Many times I would develop an idea in smalltalk first (on the sly) and then code it up in the language du jour. Please keep up the good work!

    Michael Patrick

    1. Thanks for your support. I know a lot of people who've used Smalltalk "on the sly" to try out ideas before coding it in the approved language. In a few cases, I've seen people get a whole system implemented on the sly and it was actually deployed. More often than not there's pressure to convert it into the approved language. We'd like to change that impression and show that Smalltalk is good for deployed applications as well.