Thursday, 3 November 2016

Smalltalk Reflections episode 16: unit testing

In this episode, Craig and Philippe discuss unit testing in Smalltalk, and how it influences the development process. We welcome special guest Jean-Christophe Mincke in our exploration of validation.

Mentioned in this episode:


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  2. Is this podcast in hiatus? I'm a lifelong smalltalk noob and I try to surround myself with as much smalltalky-stuff as possible hoping to become competent at it through osmosis and brute force of failing all of the time to achieve what I want in it. :) I just found this podcast today and it's already apparently been put on there anything else out there of this sort that updates with regularity that I can listen to while working on other things?

    1. The effort of recording and editing a weekly podcast was too much for us. I'm self employed doing Smalltalk consulting and producing a podcast took a lot of time with no revenue. I needed to focus on work. I handed the podcast to Craig but he too found it too much. Sadly, we had to put it in hiatus.